Q - Who owns the rights to the domain name?

A - The “Domain Name” will be register in your name so you own it 

Q - Can I transfer my “Domain Name” away from you within 1 year?

A - (Not too sure why you would) but If you desired to I will supply you the source         code within 48 hrs (6 months on the $99 deal) 

Q - Who is responsible for paying for the “Domain Name”?

A - Free for the first year - Then you will be required to upkeep the“Domain Name”      around $15 per year 

Q - Will you make a web page without seeing me?

A - Yes, just send me your detail in an email and I will start working ASAP

Q - How long will it take to make my web page?

A - Budget takes 1 to 3 days after consultation and payment – Extended 1 to 5            days 

Q - Where is my “Web Site” hosted?

A - Your “Web Site” is hosted at a major US hosting company 99.9% up time